About Dutchrank

Logo-DutchRankWelcome to Dutchrank, home of high-quality e-sports events in the Netherlands! Dutchrank is an initiative of the Dutch E-sports Foundation, aimed at growing electronic sports in the Netherlands. If you’re interested in playing in or spectating a tournament, you’ve come to the right place. Our partners host e-sports events in a growing number of games, and everyone is welcome to come play and watch. Together we’re working to create a focal point for Dutch e-sports fans, and to join the global e-sports revolution!

Dutchrank offers support to its partners to ensure the quality and visibility of their tournaments. We’re always looking for new partners to expand the range of supported games. Are you motivated to host tournaments for your favorite game? Then continue reading to find out more about becoming a Dutchrank partner. We can support you on many fronts, including a website, webshop, promotion, a live event with livestream production, and possibly even financial support.


In 2013 the first edition of the Dutch StarCraft League was organized, and the Dutch E-sports Foundation was founded. The goal of the Foundation is to grow e-sports in the Netherlands, and for the first three years it supported the group of volunteers who made and continue to make the DSCL a success. After 7 successful offline events (in locations such as the World Forum in The Hague, the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch and the Melkweg in Amsterdam) and many online streams, the Dutch E-sports Foundation now has access to a wealth of experience, man-power and equipment for production of livestreams.

That is why, starting in 2016, the Foundation is branching out! Dutchrank has been created to offer a platform for not just the Dutch StarCraft League, but other partners as well. Fireside Gatherings was the first to join, and over the course of 2016 we hope to add several more partners. Together we can offer a broad spectrum of high-quality tournaments to players and spectators, and work towards a bright future for Dutch e-sports.


E-sports, short for electronic sports, is all about competitive gaming! For at least 30 years now, people have grown up gaming. Command & Conquer, Mario Kart, StarCraft, Heroes of Might and Magic, Hearthstone, Baldur’s Gate, Unreal Tournament – many of you will have fond memories playing these or other games.

But not all games can be e-sports! To be an e-sport a game needs to be (and remain) competitive. E-sports need to have an element of competition, like having the highest score (in FIFA), defeating your opponent (in shooting games), or having the better strategy (in real-time strategy games). Many games are competitive, but to become a popular e-sports a games needs to remain competitive. There shouldn’t be a single best strategy, weapon, or even a bug that makes the game uninteresting to play. This is why nearly all of today’s e-sports are multi-player games that are actively supported by their creators. After all: nothing is as interesting to face as another human being! And of course, in all of these cases the skill of the players determines who wins – not luck.

Since more and more people become familiar with games, and as streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube make broadcasting tournaments easy, it is no wonder that interest in e-sports is growing. The amount of players and spectators (in particular) is growing rapidly, and Dutchrank is hoping to contribute to this growth by offering high-quality e-sports tournaments.

Our partners

The Dutch StarCraft League (DSCL) grew out of the Nijmegen Student StarCraft League, and was founded in 2013. Over 50 volunteers have been involved with the DSCL, and with the release of the latest expansion to StarCraft II, a real-time strategy game, in 2015, a new impulse has been given to the community. The DSCL will continue to organize StarCraft events in the Netherlands, as well as to write about Dutch StarCraft-players who compete abroad.

A Fireside Gathering embodies all that is fun about Hearthstone: playing against friends in an informal setting. Hearthstone, a digital card game, can be played on most devices, so joining your friends in a bar to play is easy. Fireside Gatherings has been organizing events like these for well over a year, and are expanding their frequency and location in 2016. They will also be hosting regular online tournaments.

The foundation

The Stichting E-sports Nederland is based in Nijmegen, and can be reached at contact@dutchrank.nl.

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