Another trio of Local Track tournaments this weekgame icon

The Local Track has REALLY picked up steam! Just like last week we’ll have three tournaments for players to enjoy: at the Esports Game Arena today at 19h, online on Battlefy tomorrow at 19h, and at 19:30h on Thursday night at Kayzr. These three tournaments will be the last cups before the Local Track’s conclusion next week at the ThermyCup. Remember: all players who are within reach of the top-4 will receive invites for the ThermyCup, and if you’re not invited you can still play if you qualify through the qualifier.

But before that it’s another week of regular Local Track cups – go sign up and enjoy! Will Fmtc, NEEK, DiTTO and Arnovic be able to hold on to top-4? Or will Djorjx, Riquiz, Genix and Sparkypants encroach on their terrain?

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