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Benelux players hold on to your hats: the Local Track just got turned up to 11! Last week we already added 4 Local Track tournaments at the Esports Game Arena, and now we’re adding three more stops to the Local Track tour. On November 14th and November 21st the DSCL is hosting two online Local Track Cups, and finally, as the pièce de résistance of the Local Track, comes the ThermyCup. None other than Marc ‘uThermal’ Schlappi, two-time champion of the DSCL Open and the Netherlands’ second-best Terran player, has become a patron of the Benelux StarCraft community. He’s hosting a €300 prize money cup on November 29th and 30th especially for Benelux players, and in his benevolence decided not to play in it himself :).

Want to play in the ThermyCup? Then do your best in all the upcoming Local Track tournaments! All players who are in reach of a top-4 position in the Local Track will be invited for the ThermyCup. As such the ThermyCup is the last chance to get Local Track points for anyone who is still in the running to get to top-4 of the ranking (and qualify for the DSCL Open Finals Event).

BONUS: If you haven’t played Local Track tournaments, or not enough to be in range of top-4, but you still want to play in the ThermyCup, then there’s one extra way to qualify. On November 28th, one day before the ThermyCup starts, there’s an online qualifier of which the three best players qualify for the ThermyCup as well. So even if you’ve already qualified for the DSCL Open Finals Event through the Online Track (or just haven’t been able to play in the DSCL this year), the ThermyCup is within reach!

Now go forth and sign up for all the Local Track tournaments you can. The complete list is on DSCL.nl/Local-Track and there’s also links to all the upcoming events in the side-bar.


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