Gerald and aGaham to finals & Group B tonightgame icon

Yesterday evening the first non-Dutch player qualified for the Finals Event: Polish Protoss Gerald! He was the favorite in his group, and while Arnovic sure made him work for it in the first series, he did indeed manage to advance first. The battle for second place was between three Dutch players and was certainly hard-fought. Djorjx vs. Arnovic, the elimination match, saw multiple epic games (especially the 2nd game!) and the decider match too took three games to conclude. In the end it was aGaham who came out on top and took a seed for December 9th.

It’s certainly not the end for Arnovic and Djorjx though: they are currently ranked #1 and #2 in the Local Track. There’s a good chance they’ll still qualify for the finals, as top-4 from the ranking also gets a seed. There’s still 7 (!) Local Track tournaments coming up, check them out here.

And now on to tonight, when yet another group will be played! This time it’s Group B with Harstem, Ziggy, Spazymazy and JackO (a.k.a. Kitsune). With Harstem being the only Dutch player tonight, we’ll add at least one more foreign player to the roster for the Finals Event – will it be another Polish player (Ziggy), a Danish successor to Lillekanin (Spazymazy) or is JackO fully back in shape and will the Protoss from Luxemburg make an appearance on December 9th? Find out tonight at 19h on!

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