Group dates announced!game icon

Never in the history of the DSCL has the planning of dates for the online groups been so smooth. Thank you players for responding so quickly! The groups will be played on the following dates in the near future (all of which are before the big design update!):

  • October 17th, 19h – Group A (uThermal, TomikuS, Marsman, WoodedMicrob)
  • October 23rd, 19h – Group D (BlueCheese, Gerald, Arnovic, aGaham)
  • October 24th, 19h – Group B (Harstem, Ziggy, SpazyMazy, JackO)
  • October 26th, 19h – Group C (Optimus, RiSky, Tarrantius, Fmtc)

Group A will be broadcast by Lowko on, groups B, C and D will be commentated by Wardí on We’re very stoked to have Lowko and Wardí back on board, and there’s a good chance you’ll see them again at the Finals Event too :).

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