Group A tonight: uThermal, TomikuS, Marsman & WoodedMicrobgame icon

Tonight the first Ro16 group will be played! Four gladiators will step up: Dutch Terran and two-time DSCL Open Champion uThermal, Czech Zerg player and 5th/6th-place finisher from last year TomikuS, long-time Dutch Protoss player and DSCL-regular Marsman, and finally a new face to the DSCL: Finnish Terran player WoodedMicrob. uThermal is certainly the favorite to get out of the group, so in the first match of the night WoodedMicrob most definitely has his work cut out for him… This match could well be the only TvT of the Ro16, since no other group has two Terrans. The second match is Marsman vs. TomikuS, two players with a very similar MMR – hard to tell who’ll take this!

As always the Ro16 is double-elimination, so all players will have to play at least two matches. Keep an eye on Liquipedia for the results, and tune in tonight at 19h to Lowko’s stream to find out which two players will make it out…

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