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Tonight in WCS Premier League the Dutch Protoss wonder boy has to prove his worth in a battle of titans! In his first match he will be up against the Mexican Terran Major, a player who has shown to be very potent in the past. Lately, however, he is having a lack of good results. If Harstem wins his first match there is a good chance that he has to play versus Polt, a former WCS champion.

“My WCS group is probably the most difficult one in the round of 32 but that is alright because I had the easiest one last season. If you want to win you have to beat ’em all!”, said Harstem during a small interview on his stream. Watch the action live tonight at 21:00 CEST on Twitch, you can also check out the other groups over at Liquipedia!

Update: close but no sigar! Harstem dealt with MajOr (2-0) without much problems, and had to give way to Polt in the winner’s match. It then came down to a decider match versus Petraeus, but after a victory in game 1, the up-and-coming Petraeus managed to eek out two wins versus the Dutchman. Well played all around, and better luck next time!


  • Frank van Caspel | August 13, 2015 | 3:47 pm

    Good luck Kevin! Go make it to the finals in Poland, would be a nice excuse to visit the country 🙂

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