The King Returns & Ziggy 2nd Polish finalistgame icon

He’s back! In the shortest-ever Ro16 run (less than 15 minutes of total playtime for two Bo3’s), reigning DSCL Open champion Harstem qualified for this year’s Finals Event. In his winner’s interview on Wardí’s stream it became clear that having the both of them at the event will guarantee a memorable afterparty. Oh yeah!

Of course Harstem is not alone in qualifying: our second foreign contender (and second Polish player!) Ziggy also made it through yesterday. While he quickly tapped out of his games against Harstem (particularly the second game, where his two-rax proxy got scouted), he 2-0’d both Spazymazy and Kitsune/JackO to advance second. Congratulations! Check out the full results here.

The Online Track now only has one group left: on Thursday Optimus, RiSky, Fmtc and… Sparkypants will play Group C! Unfortunately Tarrantius had to cancel due to a scheduling conflict with his university classes. And after the Online Track finishes there’s still 7 (!) tournaments for the Local Track, the first of which is on Monday next week at the Esports Game Arena!

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