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Over the past week three Local Track tournaments have been played, and the ranking is showing some serious development. At the Esports Game Arena on Monday Fmtc took first place, followed by DiTTO and Riquiz. On Tuesday at the DSCL Online Cup, Fmtc took the win again, this time followed by NEEK and Djorjx. Finally yesterday at the Kayzr StarCraft Cup, it was NEEK who beat Arnovic in the finals, with DiTTO and Djorjx taking 3rd and 4th place.

What does all of this do to the ranking? Check it out on the Local Track page! Currently Fmtc, NEEK, DiTTO and Arnovic are top-4, but Djorjx, Riquiz, Genix and Sparkypants are close behind. That’s no empty talk either: there’s still FOUR Local Track tournaments coming, so the top-4 could still get seriously shaken up.

Next week we’ll have another three Local Track cups, and the week after the €300 ThermyCup will be the final stop. Remember: all players who are within 32 points of the top-4 will be invited to the ThermyCup. Those who don’t get invited could still get in through the qualifier on the 28th. Read all about it here.

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