Online Track concludes: Optimus, RiSky, Fmtc & Sparkypantsgame icon

Tonight the Online Track concludes! Three Dutch players – Optimus, Fmtc & Sparkypants (who replaces Tarrantius) – will do battle among themselves and against tonight’s foreign contender: RiSky from the UK. As before, the matches will start at 19h and can be followed live at The favorite to advance from the group is certainly Optimus, and on paper RiSky has a good shot at taking 2nd place. But Fmtc has been upping his game since the recent WESG Benelux tournament, and Sparkypants has the advantage of his opponents not being familiar with his play style (while the reverse is not true). We might see some interesting matches – keep an eye on the results on Liquipedia!

Two of tonight’s players will qualify for the finals, setting the total number of players who’ve qualified through the Online Track to 8. After this there’s only the Local Track left as a way of getting to the finals: the top-4 of the Local Track ranking will also qualify. Check out the 7 (!) upcoming Local Track tournaments (the first is on Monday!) on the Local Track-page. The current ranking is also there.

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