Become a Dutchrank partner

Dutchrank aims to offer a broad spectrum of e-sports, so we’re looking for more partners! Are you interested in hosting tournaments for your favorite e-sport? Then consider becoming a partner of Dutchrank. Like the Dutch StarCraft League and Fireside Gatherings, you would autonomously conceive of and operate tournaments for your game, while receiving support in several crucial areas, including a website (complete with CMS), promotion, a live event with livestream production, general advice and possibly even financial support.

Of course, being a Dutchrank partner, we ask you and your team to ensure a high level of quality and accessibility for your tournaments, both for participants and spectators. You would also be required to help our sponsors reach your audience, and to live up to a certain standard of professionalism.

Ideal candidates for partnership have experience in hosting tournaments for their games, but this is not a requirement. If you’re interested in becoming a partner, or if you simply want to know more, send an e-mail to