Privacy statement

The Dutchrank platform is an initiative of the Stichting E-sports Nederland (Dutch E-sports Foundation). We’re located in Nijmegen. Besides the main website (, the Dutchrank platform currently consists of the Dutchrank store ( and of websites for Dutchrank partners:

We think the privacy of visitors and users of the Dutchrank platform websites is very important, so on this page we describe what personal data we collect and what we do with it. If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints, or if you want us to remove any personal data we have collected, get in touch via

We collect two types of data through the Dutchrank platform: website statistics and Dutchrank user account data. For each we’ll tell you how we collect it, how we secure it, and what we do with it.

Website statistics

We are keeping track of the amount of visitors on our pages with Google Analytics. We are collecting this data so that the foundation and its partners know how many people we reach. This is important because it can help us explain to current and potential sponsors that our community is worth getting involved in. What’s more: the size of our community is an important measure of success for the foundation, because our goal is to help grow e-sports in the Netherlands. Only the foundation and its partners will ever have direct access to this data, and partners can only see data for their specific website. We will only ever publish totals and general statistics to others, never personally identifiable data.

We have a data processing agreement with Google for this purpose, and have set up Analytics to be maximally privacy-friendly: the data-retention period for individual user data is set to the minimum, we’re masking the last part of the IP-addresses and we’re not giving Google permission to use the data for anything else.

Dutchrank accounts

If you want to do more than just visit a website on the Dutchrank platform, but also comment, order something from the store, or sign up for a newsletter, you have to make a Dutchrank account. You only need one account that you can use on all Dutchrank websites. To make an account, you only have to enter a nickname and your e-mail address. To order a product from the store, also have to enter your real name and address.

The user data stored in these accounts is only accessible to the foundation and its partners. They are never shared with or sold to outside parties. If a Dutchrank partner decides to leave the Dutchrank-platform they can only bring user data of users with which they have interacted (i.e. those that have commented on the partner’s website, have ordered a product offered by the partner, or have signed up for a newsletter from the partner), and only after informing these users about the new situation and giving them the option to have their data removed. All our websites have an SSL-certificate to ensure encrypted and safe communication between you and our server, which is located within the EU (Germany).

We save your e-mail address and username so that you can log into your Dutchrank account when you visit any of the websites. If you ordered a product from the store, we use your address to ship the product to you and your e-mail address to keep you updated on the status of your order. If you opted into any newsletters while you signed up, we also use your e-mail address to send those to you. Of course you can always unsubscribe from any Dutchrank newsletter through a link in the e-mail. If you want to re-subscribe you can do so via your profile page [Notice: as of May 25th 2018 we are still working on implementing this functionality]. We send newsletters via MailChimp, with which have have a data processing agreement.

Dutchrank account holders can manually delete much of the personal information stored in their Dutchrank-account by going to their profile page. To delete an account entirely, get in touch by sending an e-mail to and we’ll fix it for you.