uThermal earns a spot in WCS Premier season 3game icon

The Protoss slayer showed once again how great he is in the TvP match-up. With a quick 3-0 victory over elfi, uThermal secures his spot into the next season of WCS Premier.

elfi tried to proxy gateway uThermal twice but our Dutch Terran shrugged his head and defended with ease (and without bunkers). ┬áDuring the first game uThermal might have sweated a little bit when elfi’s two base colossus all-in showed up at the Terrans front door, but with a beautiful ‘Maru sandwich’ he was able to push his opponent back.

Congratulations, and good luck!
Tune in tomorrow for the last WCS Challenger series, this time our country flag will be represented by Harstem!

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