uThermal in Shenzhen tonightgame icon

While Harstem, Ret and Jona all made respectable runs in DreamHack Valencia (they all made it to the playoffs, before hitting the ‘Korean wall’), uThermal is getting ready for his matches in China. Our reigning DSCL Open Champion is in Shenzhen for the first event of the 10th season of the Intel Extreme Masters. Check out the brackets here.

As you can see uThermal will be up against two Chinese players (Jim and Cyan) and also CJ Entus’ herO from Korea. A tough group, but not as tough as Snute’s group was last night, featuring Classic (SSL-champion) and Rain (GSL Code S-champion). Curious about the result? This will tell you all you need to know :). Let’s hope uThermal can match Snute’s performance! His group starts at 09:30h CST which is tonight at 03:30h CEST (set your alarm clocks!).

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